To the Man Who Would Love a Fatherless Daughter

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Every little girl’s first love is her father. He is the one who takes her on her first date, dances with her in the living room, and holds her hand when she is afraid. A father’s love for his little girl is something that is hard to beat. But not all girls get to experience such love for very long. I didn’t.

Loving a girl without a father is a task. It is not the easiest thing to do. It may seem exhausting. She will crave love in the most innocent of forms. Because she does not have that love from a man in her life. She will look to you for that love. Love her fully and without question.

She will miss him, at times so deeply that her whole body will ache. Hold her tightly and let her cry when this happens. She will appreciate the silence you offer.
She is slow to speak of him in serious conversation, but when she finally opens up to you, soak in all that she has to share with you and appreciate the rareness of her honesty. She will speak of the time he coached her elementary school basketball team, or the time he jumped the giant waves with her in the ocean, and how he never let her go. She will say so much in such few words, so please listen closely.

She will be guarded and slow to trust you. Take the time to know her every ache and every joy, and never use them against her. When she trusts you fully, it will be worth it. Do not make her regret it.

She has an independent spirit because she has to. Being raised by her own motivation and determination, she has learned to fend for herself in the real world. Step back occasionally and let her be. This is when she will shine the brightest.

Contributed by Tanya Dutta Gupta




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