No Labels…. please!


(The following is a Teen Talk contribution)

Name: Undisclosed
Gender: Female
Age: 17

People talk about stereotypes. They label students as smart or stupid, and somehow we all assume that only the stupid label hurts. It’s not true!
I am stereotyped as smart. Parents, teachers and peers believe that I will top my exam. No one understands the pressure that it gives me: pressure to perform, pressure to never show my weakness, and pressure to never relax. Once my marks dipped and since then, my pressure has increased even more. I have lost confidence and I get panic attacks. I have even hurt myself physically to overcome the anxiety and stress. I wish people stop labelling, and allow us to be human… allow us to make mistakes. I wish people don’t just look at you and put you in to a box that says, nerd, geek, flirt, stud, stupid, smart, b*** etc., etc., etc. We are people and not things that can be labelled.

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