Signs that Someone Likes You

We all want to know if the other person likes us, whether it’s a friend or an acquaintance, or even a significant someone. Of course, it would be great if they tell us straight away, but if they don’t, here are the non-verbal cues to look out for.

Signs that they like you:

1) They give you eye contact: People look at people they like and avoid eye contact with those they don’t.

activity adult barbecue bbq
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2) Physical contact: The contact may be a light touch that is gentle and reassuring (not to be confused with a hold or for something sexually suggestive). For example, a light touch of the arm, a fist bump, a light pat on the shoulder, picking lint off of a person’s clothing, straightening a strand of hair etc.

photography of man and woman
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3) Leaning: People lean towards people they like, and distance themselves otherwise.

two man standing on mountain cliff with ocean view
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4) Mirroring: People who like one another mirror each other’s body positions.

5) Questions: If someone likes you, he/she will ask questions to know you better. These may be deep questions to know you as a person or light hearted questions that give indications of your likes and dislikes.

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